17 апреля 2014 г.


Well, some of you might have seen the same post on another travel blogs, right? When Lettr.co asked me to write the same one, I immediately said yes because I really think their idea is wonderful.
If you’ve never heard about Lettr.co I’ll give you a quick review:
You take picture of your awesome moment or select already taken one, upload it (just a common smartphone/laptop with internet connection is required), say the name of your facebook friend you want to send your postcard to and wait for a couple of days until your friend receives the postcard. Easy, isn’t it?
Why is it so unique? 
·         It’s the postcard of the 21 century that allows user to send memorable postcard with own photo as easy as sharing it online. And it still keeps that very personal touch of a traditional postcard - sender’s handwritten signature.
·         Postcard is printed on traditional paper. The same one as travelers are used to send by local post service. Delivery time is usually 2-3 days instead of 2-3 weeks in comparison with traditional postcards delivery. Postcard is delivered much sooner before traveler returns from vacation, not like it was common before Lettr.
·         The whole process is so simple that user can create, write message down and send postcard from a comfortable sun lounger, directly on the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris or in the middle of National park. It’s sent in a snap of finger and user can continue relaxing without seeking for a postcard, getting pen or searching for post box.
As for me, I always send postcards from my trips, but sometimes I really wish to send a picture taken by me, and it is often a challenge to find a post office. What is more, I would like to have an opportunity to send postcards to a larger number of my friends, but I simply don’t know their address. And that is why I really think that it is an amazing service for photographers, travelers and people who love to share good moments.

And if you managed to read it all till the end there is a link with a few free postcards, so hurry up to test it: www.lettr.co/mU-8_0QA5bghHQ

This post is sponsored by Lettr.co but all ideas are mine.

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