13 декабря 2013 г.

Saint Petersburg (Part 3)

There are two Eliseevsky store in Russia: one in Moscow, but I've never been there (shame on me) and one in Saint Petersburg where I was a couple of times. This place is really worth visiting. The interioir is slightly too chic and I suppose and idea to place a huge palm in the centre of the hall was too much. But still it is very beautiful. It is a grocery store but don't expect to find there some ready-to-cook food. Eliseevsky is full of dainties like rare sweets, chocolate, jam, cheese, wine, etc. with a small cafe in the centre (yes, right under the palm). There is a piano, some waxworks and a lot of mirrors, light and gold. However it was a great surprise to find out that prices are really reasonable. (In Moscow, for example, the more poshy store is, the more expensive products are). We've bought a pack of macaroons (12) for 550 rubles = 16$. You know, it's the cheapest I saw in Russia, and believe me, I saw a lot, and what is more, they were the tastiest I've ever tried.

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  1. Gorgeous photos!! :D So happy I found your blog.


    1. It was me who found you first =) haha, I really like your photos, too. I wish I could go to Scotland one day, I heard the nature is amazing!