9 декабря 2013 г.

Saint Petersburg (Part 1)

Saint Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia and often called "Venice of the North". It is "a little bit sad and romantic, this city will never let go if once you fell in love with it." Haze, rain, clouds are the usual weather here, that is why the sunshine is appreciated twice as much as in Moscow. In fact, there are a lot of differences between St Petersburg and Moscow. The architecture is more Imperial in StP while main Moscow buildings reminds you of the USSR time. People in the capital are always rushing somewhere, but in the St Petersburg everyone seems like taking their time and they have nowhere to hurry. They have time to have a meal in the cafe  instead of drinking their take away coffee in the subway, they can easily go to another part of the city just to buy the best pastry in Russia, while we prefer buying some tastless food in the nearest supermarket after a hard day of working.
There are too many beautiful places to see, unfortunately I took pictures only of Nevskiy Prospect (the main street) and the Gulf of Finland as I've been to StP so many times that I had no wish to visit tourist attractions once again. I came there just to meet my friends and spend some time away from Moscow.

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