21 ноября 2013 г.

Getting colder (Part 1)

Haven't been posting for a while because it is so damn cold outside that I can't force myself to go out. Finally, I did it a couple of days ago. The route was like that: up Ostozhenka street, again passing Cathedral of Christ the Savior, then I took some pictures of Krasny Oktyabr (long ago there was a chocolate factory, but now it's the most hipster place in Moscow that in fact caters to every taste. There are art schools, galleries, bars, restaurants, night clubs, news agency TVRain and so on. It is really worth to write about but it's not yet the time). After I headed to the bridge of lovers. (Really, do you think it's a good tradition to hang a lock and throw keys into the river? How does it help to preserve love? Mayby I sound a little bit cynic but I consider myself as a clever romantic. I mean that for me all these locks are a sign of how insecure people's love is.If couples were sure that they would love each other til the rest of their lives, they wouldn't have any purpose to hang a lock). Lavrushinskiy pereulok, Pyatnitskaya street and then I reached the destination - the cinema where I finally watched La vie d'Adèle and was so happy to found out that the movie wasn't dubbed (the bad thing about Russian cinemas - dub). 

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