25 ноября 2013 г.

Second favourite

Another bad point about Moscow - you are not allowed to take pictures of anything except the Kremlin. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating but it's not far away from the reality. The problem is that actually I'm allowed to take pictures of buildings and cafes as there is no law against it. However it has become a common practice recently that every time I get my camera out of the bag there is a security man who comes to me and says "Put it back, you can't take pictures, it's a private building". But there is also a problem with me - I do not obey rules :)
So, here you are! My second favourite place in Moscow Butyrskiy Val street. If the city centre is an island of Paris for me, this place is my New-York (though I've never been there). The buildings are not high at all in comparison to Moscow-City's skyscrapers, but these constructions from glass and black stone, these flowing lines are just perfect. Fashionable and so appealing restaurents and bars on the groung floor make you want to stay there forever. Your mind calms down and you feel like a part of a huge modern city.
Among great places are: a wine bar La Bottega (<3), just opened Farmer's Diner and already known Le Pain Quotidien

(the night photo was taken many years ago on my 18th birthday, just after a couple of months when those buildings had been built)

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